SociaLite Lighting Systems

Engineering for the Middle of Nowhere

December 2019

New Prototype Mobile Micro-Grid

Many of our new installations are going to be in communities that are too small to merit their own charging station. To overcome this, we are developing a mobile micro-grid. This image shows a prototype housing developed in Wa by Mustapha Osman of SociaLite Ghana.


New Labels

Finally ran out of the labels we first purchased in 2010!! They served us well - let's hope that the new batch from the same supplier, Sticker Giant in Longmont CO, performs as well in the bush.


Business cards

Got around to getting some SociaLite business cards printed - thanks Sam Burton for the design.

IMG_0238 copy

Anurag Panda in Forbes 30 under 30 Energy List

Anurag Panda came to the project in 2008 in the second semester of his first year at Cooper.
Now he's working on cutting edge photovoltaic power generation for remote, rural communities.

Changing Domain from .com to .org

Last night we were offered so we have moved the website.
We have also registered for https through cloudflare.

Official new website address:

Meeting JJ Rawlings

In February 2019 TJC was very fortunate to meet the great JJ Rawlings, former president of Ghana, at his house in Accra through James Gunu.